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Sarah Alpert
Sex & Relationship Therapy Marylebone, Central London

What is psychosexual and sex therapy?
Psychosexual therapy helps people struggling with sexual dysfunctions to overcome or better deal with their issues. I am a specialist in the field of psychosexual therapy, qualified to help people work through their sexual problems.

Articles :

Sexual dysfunction
Experiencing a lack of sexual desire or difficulty enjoying sex for prolonged periods of time is known as a sexual dysfunction or disorder. Sexual dysfunctions occur in both men and women and the cause of the disorder can be psychological, physiological or both.
I help my clients to identify the root cause of their sexual issues, work through them, and develop a more positive attitude towards sex and sexuality.

I assist in controlling some of the most common sexual difficulties, which include:

Loss of libido - known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). It is the most common form of sexual dysfunction.

Lack of sexual enjoyment - this occurs when you don’t feel any pleasure during intercourse. After discovering the origin of your problem, we will realign and examine your expectations for sexual enjoyment.

Pain experienced during sexual behaviour - this is usually experienced by women, known as vaginismus.

Fear of sex - known as Genophobia, this is a psychological fear of sexual relations or intercourse. Closely related to anxiety, we will discuss why you are afraid of sexual activity and give you exercises to work through to solve this difficulty.

Body image issues - this is when individuals find fault with their body, which can lead to shyness or shame when participating in sexual activity. My approach helps you recognise, analyse and restructure the irrational thoughts you are having about your body.

Erectile dysfunction - this is the inability to keep an erection steady enough to perform intercourse. Anxiety or stress usually triggers erectile dysfunction. I help you identify the day-to-day stress triggers that cause your physical dysfunctions.

Compulsive sexual behaviour - this disorder involves experiencing obsessive sexual thoughts and urges, which result in compulsive sexual behaviour. I help you understand the cause of your obsessive thoughts and how to gain more control over your impulses.

Self-esteem issues - Constantly criticising yourself and experiencing low self-esteem will impact the ability to maintain relationships and enjoy sexual relations. .

I Offer Help for compulsive sexual behaviours and problematic sexual behaviours.
Sex addiction is characterised by any excessive engagement in sexual behaviour that has a negative impact on one’s life. Sex addicts struggle to control their sexual thoughts, urges and behaviour.

I will work with you to take control of these urges and have a healthier outlook on sex by distinguishing the source of your addiction.

Working with the partner of the sex addict is vital to helping them overcome the problem. Partners of sex addicts normally feel isolated and unappreciated by their partners. With my help, couples will incorporate new strategies into their lives that will help them enjoy a more healthy sex life.

What are some of the warning signs for sex addiction?

  • Multiple sexual partners

  • Consistent use of pornography

  • Voyeurism

  • Feeling guilty or ashamed when satisfying their sexual need

  • Compulsive self-stimulation

  • Social withdrawal

  • Sexually harassing other people

  • Exchanging sexual messages to a stranger via the internet, known as cybersex.

Relationship Therapy

What is relationship therapy?
Relationship therapy normally takes place between two people who are experiencing relationship troubles. These troubles are often a result of repeated behavioural patterns that put strain on the relationship. Relationship therapy helps to identify and resolve the issues that the relationship is suffering from by opening up the line of communication and implementing new strategies to deal with the day-to-day troubles that the relationship faces. I also work with Affairs.

Common relationship problems include:

Lack of communication - when people in a relationship don’t speak to each other. I serve as a medium between the two individuals to open up the communication channel.

Financial issues - finances are one of the most common causes of tension between the individuals in a relationship. I offer guidance on how to incorporate a budget that both parties of the couple will be pleased with.

Stress - tension at work or with other family members can impact a relationship significantly. We will work through the stress triggers in your life and find new stress management techniques that will help you deal better with work pressure and frustration.

Contempt - this is when partners experience hatred towards one another. I help the partners discuss their conflict and communicate without undermining each other.