Member of The British Psychological Society

About Me

About Sarah Helen Courtney Alpert
BA(HONS),RN,DIP.Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy

My Approach

I have over two decades of experience as a specialist nurse in sexual health and HIV management, whereby I came into contact with other people’s intimate sexual problems. I decided that I could no longer see psychological health as being separate from physiological health.

My Vision

After countless people confided their most intimate sexual concerns to me, I decided that helping people with their sexual and relationship issues would be my focus. I undertook Relationship and Psychosexual Therapy studies and then undertook specialist training with Dr Thaddeus Birchard in working with compulsive sexual behaviours.

What I offer

I offer people a safe and confidential environment where they can be at ease while dealing and coping with their sexual and relationship issues. I work with a broad range of relationships and sexual dysfunctions. I also work with Individuals who wish to work on their own journey of self exploration to enable a more fulfilled sense of 'self'.

My Approach

After a history of working, talking and looking after people, I’m not uncomfortable to talk about any sexual or relationship issue you might have. No topic is off limits. I value the bond between therapist and patient and see this as a very important aspect of my approach to help you deal with your difficulties in a constructive way.

Who do I help?

I work with individual hetrosexual men and women, as well as same-sex individuals and couples. If you are experiencing or suffering from sexual or relationship issues, I guarantee you and your partner that the session will be handled with professionalism and will be highly confidential.